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Frayed Knot Theatre Company

Our Autumn 2019 production


By William Shakespeare

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PERFORMANCES: Wednesday 20th - Saturday 23rd November 2019
Curtain Up @ 8:00pm

TICKET PRICES: Wed, Thu £12 - Fri, Sat £15 - Students £10 any night
For School parties of 40 or more, please contact us for special rates.

CONTACT: macbeth(at)

Macbeth: Dan Clucas
Lady Macbeth: Lucy Booth
MacDuff: Wayne MacLaughlin
Lady MacDuff: Suzy Saker
Witch 1: Penny Pomroy
Witch 2: Hannah. Rodgers
Witch 3: Steph Hull
Hecate: Chrissy Garvey
Banquo: Iain Houston
Captain & Lord: Regina Dobbs
Porter: Zed Herbert
Doctor: Andy Shaw
Gentlewoman: Sarah Potter
Old Man & Apparition: Jade Harris Tyler
Lennox: Steve Berry
Ross: Derek Rookley
Menteth & Apparition: Damien Bishop
Angus & Apparition: Katie Fogg
Cathness: Jackie Dann
Murderer 1 & Messenger: Alisha Westbury
Murderer 2: Emily Pugh
Seyward: Andy Shaw
Seyton: Katie Fogg
King Duncan: Colin Arney
Malcolm: Will Banister
Donalbain: Dan McGinty

Directed by Andy Faber

FK Calendar at The Court
Year Season  Booked Dates (Get-in) Run  Show
2019 Spring  (31st Mar) 3rd - 6th Apr  NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR
  Autumn  (17th) 20th - 23rd Nov  MACBETH
2020 Spring  (29th Mar) 1st - 4th Apr  TBA
  Autumn  (25th) 28th - 31st Oct  THE WITCHES
2021 Spring  (11th) 14th - 17th Apr  TBA
  Autumn  (14th) 17th - 20th Nov  TBA
2022 Spring  (3rd) 6th - 9th Apr  TBA
  Autumn  (13th) 16th - 19th Nov  TBA

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